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Ben Steneker - Hello Again...

A1 She Taught Me How To Yodel 2:29 A2 You're My Best Friend 2:24 A3 But You LOve Me Daddy 2:04 A4 Green Rolling Hills 3:34 A5 When It´s Springtime In The Rockies 2:28 A6 Drinkin' Them Beers 3:17 A7 Adios Amigo 3:27 B1 The French Song 2:48 B2 Middle Hand Road 2:21 B3 Lucille 3:39 B4 Only In My Dreams 2:43 B5 I'm Casting My Lasso 2:28 B6 Some Broken Hearts 2:36 B7 Goodbye And So Long, My Dear Mama 3:04
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